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Poles & Rails

Wooden Poles

Wooden poles for curtains, commonly known as curtain rods, are a timeless and versatile choice that effortlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Crafted from sturdy and durable wood materials such as oak, maple, or pine, these curtain poles offer a warm and natural elegance to any space.

The rich textures and finishes of wooden poles add a touch of sophistication, making them well-suited for various interior design styles, from classic to rustic. Wooden curtain poles are often preferred for their ability to seamlessly blend with other wooden elements in a room, creating a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere.

Available in diameter: 35mm, 50 and 60mm

Variety of Wood Types: Available in a variety of wood types such as oak, maple, pine, and more, providing options to match different interior styles and preferences.

Durability: Well-constructed wooden poles are durable and able to support the weight of various curtain fabrics, including heavier materials.

Versatility in Finishes: Wooden curtain poles come in a range of finishes, from natural wood tones to stained or painted options, allowing for customization to complement existing decor.

How our service works in 3 easy steps..


Book a Consultation:

Call or email House of Fabric to schedule an appointment for a personalized consultation.


On-Site Presentation and Measurement:

Our representative will bring a range of fabric options, take measurements, and provide a detailed quote during the on-site visit.


Effortless Installation and Cleanup:

Once you've chosen your fabrics, we handle the installation and clean up afterward, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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Why choose House of Fabric

  • Made to measure curtain & blinds specialist

  • Catering for both the domestic and commercial markets

  • We work with individual clients, contractors, Interior Designers and Architects throughout Ireland

  • Over 40 years experience in fitting and installing all window blinds and curtain treatments

  • We are based out of our 6000 sq. ft showroom

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