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Cutting Fabric

Measure & Fit

Women choosing fabrics in store
Custom Cutting:

Precise cutting of fabrics to the customer's required dimensions. Tailored to fit specific projects or applications.

Curtain and Drapery Services:

Measuring windows for custom curtains and draperies. Professional installation to ensure a perfect fit.

Grey Material
Bedding and Linen Fitting:

Measuring for custom bedding, including fitted sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Tailoring linens to specific bed sizes.

Cushion and Pillow Fitting:

Customizing cushions and pillows for comfort and style. Measuring and creating cushions to fit furniture and décor.

Different colours of fabrics

Window Covering Services:

Measuring and fitting blinds, shades, and shutters. Ensuring proper installation and operation.

Consultation and Advice:

Offering professional advice on fabric choices and design based on the customer's needs. Assisting in selecting the right fabric for specific applications.

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